What is Windows? | Types of Windows in Computer and Versions? | All About Windows

So today in this post we will know in detail what is Windows. When was it made and who made it? Its benefits? Versions of Windows & All about Windows?

What is Windows? | Types of Windows in Computer and Versions? | All About Windows
All About Windows

What is Windows? Types of Windows in Computer and Versions? Friends, almost all of us use Microsoft Windows on our computers and laptops, but do you know what exactly Microsoft Windows is? If not. So today in this post we will know in detail what is Windows. When was it made and who made it? Its benefits? Versions of Windows & All about Windows?

Friends, we all know that an operating system is necessary to run a computer. And your computer will also probably have a Windows operating system. Because using the Windows operating system, it is easy to install. Therefore, at present, most of the users use it on their computers.

But have you tried to find out more about your Windows operating system? Friends, if you are interested to know what is Windows? When was it made and who made it? Versions of Windows & All about Windows? Advantages and disadvantages of MS Windows? And you will get information about its history in this article.

Because being a computer user, it is important for you to have knowledge about the operating system. Let us now know what is Windows. (What is Windows)

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What is Windows?

The Windows operating system is a family of various graphical operating systems. Windows is developed by Microsoft company. Microsoft Windows operating system, which is a very famous and easy-to-use operating system, is used extensively in homes and offices. Windows has launched many versions till now and at present the latest version of Windows is Windows 10.

Friends, we learned in the previous article what is an operating system. If you have not read that article then you can know about the operating system in detail. And here if we understand the operating system in short, the operating system is a system software which helps in running other software/programs in the computer.

Friends, the operating system is already present in our computer. Because of this, we run any application. Operating software interprets the instructions given by the user to the computer. After which the computer completes that command. So friends, in this way you must have understood that a computer cannot be run without an operating system, hence after purchasing a new computer system, the first thing that is installed in it is Windows i.e. operating system.

So friends, now let us talk about Microsoft Windows. It has been designed and launched by Microsoft Corporation. Like other operating systems, Microsoft Windows is also an operating system. Microsoft Windows makes computer systems user-friendly by graphical display and organizing information.

Due to this Windows is easily accessed and this is the reason why Windows is used the most by children, working people, or elderly people i.e. people of any age group. An estimated 90% of personal computer users worldwide use the Windows computer operating system. Apart from this, the remaining 10% of users use operating systems like Linux or Mac, etc. Hope you guys now know what is Windows.

History of Windows 

Microsoft Windows was announced by Bill Gates in the year 1983. Before that, Microsoft had launched the MS-DOS operating system in 1981. The first version 1.0 of Microsoft Windows was launched in the year 1985.

And soon it was sold for 100 dollars. After that, many versions of Windows were launched which we learned above and after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft said that the last name of its upcoming version will be Windows 10. Future updates will keep coming but the label of Windows 10 will be visible in them. Friends, in this way we can say that this is the last version of Windows.

Friends, if you are a Windows user then you must know its benefits. Now let us know the benefits of the Windows operating system. Microsoft has made many new advanced features and changes in its power so that users can operate Windows easily. It is not quite simple but it is much simpler than Linux.

What is Windows? You already know this, so let us now know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of Windows.

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Benefits of Windows 

Hardware Support

The hardware support of Microsoft Windows is excellent. Because there are many users of Microsoft Windows, most of the drivers and other hardware components support Windows.

Develop App

If you want to develop any application based on Windows then the Windows platform is recommended for you. Because many Windows applications do not work in the Linux operating system.


Microsoft has many users all over the world, due to which Microsoft also has many software. Most of the software like games, utilities, etc. support Windows. Due to this users are able to easily run high-graphic games in Windows.

Backward Compatibility

Friends, if you are a Windows user then you get a big advantage of Windows operating system if you are using any other older version.

And before upgrading to the new version, you want to remove all the old apps that you are using. If their data is not deleted, due to backward compatibility in Windows, there is a lot of possibility that even if you upgrade your Windows to a new version, you will be able to use all your old software in it also.

Plug & Play System

Windows users also get plug and play facility. Yes, Windows support for computer hardware is excellent. If you are a Windows user then you have many PC components which you can instantly attach to the computer and start using them.

However, other operating systems also provide many features. But Windows is much more convenient than them in this matter.

Awesome Gaming Support

Yes, if you want the latest gaming technology in 2020, then Windows is a great operating system for your computer. You get special hardware support for gaming in Windows. You can run any type of game on Windows as per your interest, which is a big benefit for gaming lovers.

Easy to Use

This is the biggest reason why today we see Windows operating systems in computers not only in offices but in every home. Because using Windows is easy for people of any age. If you know how to run Windows XP, then you may not face any problems in running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. This functionality of Windows makes it very special from other operating systems, hence as soon as a new version of Windows comes in the market, users think of updating it.

Friends, in this way we learned about some benefits of Microsoft Windows. Now we know what are the disadvantages of Microsoft Windows.

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Disadvantages of Windows – Cons of Windows

Friends, there is no doubt that in the world of computers and Office software, the name Microsoft is prevalent in the entire market. Crores of users use Windows in many countries of the world including India, but there are some disadvantages of Windows which we may have never paid attention to.

High Storage Requirement

Yes, if you want to run Windows then your computer should have good hardware. Therefore, Windows users are often advised to have more storage, CPU, and internal memory for better performance.

This is the reason why PCs that have this functionality are able to take better advantage of Windows. On the contrary, devices that have less RAM / hard disk and lower processor. That means, if you run Windows on a PC with low specifications, you will not get good performance.

Security Risk

If we compare Windows with other operating systems, Windows is not very secure in terms of security. Because you must have often heard such cases where a Windows computer has been hacked by a user.

If you do not provide firewall and antivirus protection to your Windows computer, then the chances of viruses and malware entering your computer easily increase. So compared to any other operating system, if you do not maintain this security in a Windows computer, it can prove to be very harmful for the personal data of any business or user.

If we compare Linux with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft charges around $50 to $100 for each license. Hence it is an expensive operating system. Compared to Linux, it is not as secure as other operating systems and the possibility of viruses and other attacks remains in it. Windows needs to be rebooted from time to time otherwise there are chances of the system hanging.

Although many Windows software have been developed by Microsoft, for many such software, Windows charges a very high price for purchasing them. Hence software is expensive here. Friends, in this way we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Windows.

Hope the information given in this article will prove useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, then you can feel free to tell us your thoughts through comments.

All Versions Of Microsoft Windows [Versions of Windows]

Microsoft launched Windows in the year 1985 and since then there have been many versions of it, about which you will be given information below. Friends, the special thing is that despite Apple's operating system being a competitor to Macintosh, Windows is still used on a large scale. So we can say that the Windows operating system has been the first choice of users in computers.

Friends, now let us know in detail about all the versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Ms-dos was created in the year 1981. Friends, it is important for you to know that Microsoft named its first operating system as Ms-dos and it was specially created for the operating system of IBM personal computers.

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Windows 1.0

In the year 1985, Microsoft launched the first version 1.0 of Windows and the special thing in it was that commands were typed in MS-DOS. In Windows 1.0, click-and-point features were available to users to access Windows.

Windows 2.0

After 2 years in 1987, Microsoft launched its second version Windows 2.0 which was specially designed for the Intel 286 processor.

Windows 3.0

In 1990, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0, which featured better performance, advanced graphics, and 16 color designs for the Intel 386 processor. This was the first version of Microsoft Windows in which it provided a standard feel & look to the users.

Windows 95

A few words later in Windows 1995, Microsoft Windows launched the Windows 95 operating system. Many new features were upgraded in this version. And the special thing was that it had 32-bit application support which meant that the applications which were written only for this operating system could be run very fast. In addition, many internal improvements were made to Windows 95 compared to 3.0.

Windows 98

Windows 98 was launched by Microsoft in the year 1998 which includes FAT32, AGP, MMX, USB, DVD, and ACPI. etc. new technology was available.

Windows ME – Millennium Edition

Windows Me was launched in the year 2000. It was an update of the Windows 98 operating system and some features of Windows 2000 were also available in it.

Windows NT 31. – 4.0 (from 1993 to 1996)

Windows NT (New Technology) was the operating system. Which was launched with the 32-bit operating system. Which mainly had 2 versions Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 was launched in the year 2000. This version could be used by business desktop laptop users. Internet sites, printers, and various software applications could be run in it. Microsoft launched four more versions of Windows 2000.

Windows XP

Windows XP This operating system gained a lot of popularity and its user interface had a great look and feel. Home & Professional 2 versions of Windows XP were launched. It was launched in 2001.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was launched after 5 years, in which compared to Windows XP, facilities like security, performance, reliability, etc. were given to the users. It was launched in 2006

Windows 7

In the year 2009, Microsoft Windows launched the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft launched its latest Windows operating system in the 25-year history of the operating system. Which people liked very much.

Windows 8

In the year 2012, the Windows 8 operating system was launched and this operating system was presented to the users with new designs.

Windows 10

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in the year 2015. Which was considered better than Windows 8. At present Windows 10 operating system is used in the latest laptops. So friends, in this way you learned about all the versions of Windows.

Windows 11

Windows 11 is Microsoft's most recent operating system, after Windows 10. It was officially introduced in June 2021 and went on sale in October 2021. Windows 11 is a substantial update to the Windows operating system that includes various new features and enhancements.

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Editions of Windows

After releasing Windows XP, Microsoft Windows launched many new editions in the market. And the special thing was that all these versions of Windows had the same core operating system. However, in some editions, additional features were also provided, the users of which could be used by paying.

Here Windows launches the most common edition for home computers. First Windows Home and second Windows Professional. Talking about Windows Home, we also call it Win Home. This is a basic edition of Windows in which Internet users are provided with all the basic functions for all their personal tasks like accessing the Internet, browsing the web, using MS Office software like MS Word, and Excel, watching videos, etc.

Friends, this is the cheapest version of Windows which is still used today. And mostly when we buy a new computer, we see this edition preinstalled.

Now let us talk about Windows Professional, we can also call it the Pro version of Windows edition. Because many new functionalities have been added to it and the payment for using this version is also higher as compared to the basic edition. It is usually used by power users or small businesses. In this edition of Windows, along with all the basic functions, some new functionalities have been added which are as follows.

Remote Desktop: With this feature, you can connect one Windows computer to another Windows computer connected through the Internet. And can access it. Nowadays, various software problems are also fixed in the computer through remote access.

The integrated file encryption feature has also been provided to the users by Microsoft in this edition, Group Policy Management, and Windows Update installation option is present in it. Along with this, along with many other features, this edition of Windows 1 supports 128 GB RAM.

Friends, there is also a business edition of Windows. It offers advanced premium options for Windows Workstation and Windows Enterprise. This edition is mostly used by professional users and companies in big businesses.

So friends, now you must have got all the information related to Windows, and you must have known what exactly Windows is. Its types and versions? (What is Windows? Types of Windows in Computer and Versions?)